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Five Days in Kårehamn

Having spent a beautiful day on our sunny paradise beach, it was time to sail onwards. The weather forecasts were quite threatening, showing gale-force winds arriving the following day, so... Read More

Paradise Beach

After quite a few happy and days on Gotland, it was time to once again take to the seas and sail onward. But where to?... Read More

Windy Visby

After two days of sailing from Turku to Visby (our longest non-stop trip yet!), we spent four days ashore. Here are some of the memories from our Gotland visit.... Read More

The Adventure Starts Here

It was the first evening of our summer vacation. After having spent a long day getting ourselves and our belongings onto the boat, after casting off from our own harbor... Read More

First Weekend Out

Finally, it got warm enough to go out for a short weekend trip with the whole crew: Charlotte, the children, and Aiko the dog. It didn’t start out all that... Read More

Fire Hazard

In my previous post I emptied my batteries and discovered that I had a boat problem that I couldn’t safely or legally solve myself.... Read More

7.3 Volts

I woke up and (like I often do) opened my app to check that Charlotte (the boat) was where she was supposed to be. Hmm. No data? Weird.... Read More

Calibrating Heading

Last week, during my fun solo sail from Finland to Åland and back, I had some issues with engaging the autopilot. Regular commentator and Hanse 385 owner Stuart chimed in... Read More

Hanse 388 Performance 2.0

Last year I wrote a post summing up our first season sailing performance. Now, a couple of months into our second season, I think it’s clear that we’ve already found... Read More

Happy Wappu!

In Finland, among quite a few places, 1 May and the eve before are celebrated loudly and merrily, in big crowds, and with a neverending amount of sparkling wine. Not... Read More