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What Is the Cost of a New Hanse 388?

So, we bought our Hanse 388, and there is one thing almost everyone seem to agree on: it is quite expensive to own a sailboat. I keep telling people that... Read More

Our Boat!

It has been an interesting couple of weeks dealing with our financing provider, our insurer as well as the tax authorities of Finland, but as far as I understand, the... Read More

Lots of Red Tape

Whoa! Our dealer just sent us a dropbox folder with the surveyor’s report as well as 100+ pictures of our new boat! ... Read More

Insuring Our Hanse Yacht

Any day now our new Hanse 388 will be delivered to us! (No, not actually really delivered to us physically, but to someone somewhere in Germany, who is acting on... Read More

Our New Hanse 388 Will Be Ready In …

It will be ready in two weeks! Oh boy oh boy oh boy!... Read More

No Pictures

It takes an amazingly short time for Hanse Yachts to construct our new sailboat— they’re supposed to start putting it together in mid-November and get it ready just a bit... Read More

Cannes Yachting Festival: The Hanse Yachts

I think we decided to visit the Cannes Yachting Festival at the same time as we put in the order for our new boat. We both like sunny places with... Read More

Hello, Cannes Yachting Festival!

Well, actually we didn’t go to the Cannes Yachting Festival today, but we did arrive here this afternoon, had some time to stroll around, eat terrific food, try out our... Read More

An Inside History of Hanse Yachts

When we received the order confirmation for our new sailing boat from Hanse Yachts, I really wanted to write something about the quite fascinating history of the company and yard.... Read More

Merry Christmas, H388!

Our dealer, BohusCharter AB, forwarded the first document we’ve seen from the actual Hanse Yachts yard! It’s saying they will start production of our new Hanse 388 in the first... Read More