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A Lot to Pack!

I’m getting a bit nervous. My flight for Germany is in three days and the todo list keeps getting longer, not shorter! Also, the pile of stuff I have to... Read More

So What's the Weather Like?

In a bit over a week, we should be well on our way, sailing s/y Charlotte on her first leg from Greifswald to Rønne. This means that right now is... Read More

A Few Final Touches

A while back I listed all the stuff we will need in the boat to be able to sail her home. Now, we have placed most of the orders and... Read More

The Life Raft Story

This week we finally ordered a life raft for our Hanse 388! The decision process took over a month (!) in calendar time (and who knows how many hours in... Read More

Dates Confirmed, Sort Of

Our dealer sent us dates confirmed by the commissioning yard! On the 29th of April s/y Charlotte will be launched into water and on the 9th of May she will... Read More

The Name!

After a lot of back and forth with our dealer, we’re still not sure when exactly our handover in Greifswald will be. We had planned to go there beforehand with... Read More

Some Day In May

Maiden Voyage is the name of a jazz tune by (the legendary) Herbie Hancock. I used to play it a lot in my previous life as an aspiring jazz pianist,... Read More

Only a Few Hundred Things Left Until Our Hanse 388 Is Ready

The weather in Greifswald is looking good! I just checked the forecast and temperatures don’t seem to drop below freezing anymore. This means that a bunch of yachts, their owners... Read More

What Is the Cost of a New Hanse 388?

So, we bought our Hanse 388, and there is one thing almost everyone seem to agree on: it is quite expensive to own a sailboat. I keep telling people that... Read More

Our Boat!

It has been an interesting couple of weeks dealing with our financing provider, our insurer as well as the tax authorities of Finland, but as far as I understand, the... Read More