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About Yacht Financing and Some Sleepless Nights

“I am so very sorry, but there has been a small misunderstanding on our part”, the very amiable bank employee said on the phone, “so is there any chance you... Read More

What We Left Out

As it happens, we actually didn’t include all the optional items in our new boat. Some were without a doubt unnecessary, but others frustratingly hard to decide on. Here is... Read More

No Turning Back Now

A few hours ago I scanned and returned to the dealer the signed contract for buying a new Hanse 388!... Read More

Visiting Stockholm and a real Hanse 388

This weekend we saw it for the first time! A real Hanse 388! But first some words about how we actually got here, and the quite amazing hotel we’re staying... Read More

Options, options, options

New sailing boats can seem quite affordable when looking at their base prices, but then there are the options.... Read More

Dreaming of Sailing with a New Hanse

We have been online window shopping for sailing boats, both used and new, for most of the summer, and more and more frequently we end up on the HanseYachts site... Read More