Hanse Yachts in Southampton

Last weekend we had the wonderful opportunity to go for a short trip to England to celebrate Charlotte’s birthday. We stopped by “Britain’s Biggest & Best Boat Festival”, the Southampton Boat Show, as well. To find our next dream boat, maybe, some years down the road. But also, with some freshly acquired experience of our own Hanse 388, to see how the other Hanses compare.

Hanse 388 — Every Nook and Cranny

Half a year ago, I was trying to figure out (among other things) what gas bottle would fit on a Hanse 388. It was a bit challenging since I couldn’t find any measurements for where it’s supposed to be stored. Now I know better, so starting with the gas bottle, and slowly progressing through the rest of the boat, I will try to write down stuff that hopefully might be useful to other potential Hanse 388 buyers.

Don't Reef the FCL Jib

Last week we found out that 20+ knots of upwind with one reef in the main and a fully rolled out jib equaled too much sail for our newbie family sailing. Previous experience suggested that reducing sail area by partly furling away the jib wasn’t a good option. But what would have been? I asked the knowledgeable people over at myHanse.com as well as Elvstrøm Sails, the provider of the Hanse’s FCL furling jib.