This spring it happened again.

I got bitten by the sailing bug and after that I have been using generous amounts of my spare time to figure out how to get our newly formed family (two adults and four children) a sailing boat and out on the open seas.

I confess that at times I have been a bit too eager.

“Can you PLEASE stop adding a sailing boat to ALL our vacation plans”, my fiancée said to me, with a slightly irritated voice, while we were driving around in the Norwegian mountains with the children.

She had just told me how wonderful it would be to trek over there for a few days, just the two of us. To spend some time together looking at the beautiful waterfalls and walking around in the amazingly scenic landscapes. (They truly are!)

“Yes! But wouldn’t it be cool if we first sailed to the end of the fjord and then…”, I had started my sentence when she interrupted me.

So yes, a bit too eager. I get that. But she understands me, and she does share the dream. And it is good to get some perspective as well, to balance out all the focus. 

So here we are.

A family of six and a crazy dream of us all sailing together. One of us has sailed before, the others really not.

The fjords of Norway, here we come! (Sorry, couldn’t help myself!)

But first things first. We need a sailing boat.

The cover photo of this blog is a photo taken by Charlotte one special morning in the Exumas. Maybe one day we’ll go there with our own boat, or maybe not, doesn’t really matter, it’s beautiful anyway.