Dreaming of Sailing with a New Hanse

Hanse 388

We have been online window shopping for sailing boats, both used and new, for most of the summer, and more and more frequently we end up on the HanseYachts site looking admiringly at the new 388 and 418 models. They are quite beautiful, both.

Here are a few thoughts:

  • We need a boat with three cabins. The girls share one cabin, the boys share one, and the last one is left for me and Charlotte. We are not planning to sail around the world (with this boat at least!) so we will manage with less storage space.
  • The boat should be fun to actually sail. My previous boat was an X-Yachts IMX-38  and while I realise that the boat we are looking for is a lot heavier and probably also a bit slower than the IMX-38, it should anyway be enjoyable to sail. (The polar diagrams suggest that the 388 is a bit slower than the IMX-38 while the 418 might be a bit faster. Like, theoretically.)
  • Shower and toilet. No explanations needed here.
  • We’re big fans of light, white and airy Scandinavian interiors. We don’t really like the “dark mahogany cave” look of more seasoned yachts. If only IKEA made sailing yachts … 🙂
  •  The smallest boat possible that includes all of the above and has a CE A classification. There are a lot of shallow routes and harbour in our nearby archipelago (well, in all of the Baltics), but a maximum draft of 2,00-2,10 should be ok. Also, as most of us are sailing beginners, the smaller the better.
  • Something we can afford. Well, if we can’t, then we have a problem :).

The Hanse 388 with no upgrades costs (according to the price list) about 152000 € (VAT 24% included), and the final price for us, depending on upgrades, commissioning, transportation etc would land somewhere between 210000 – 240000€.

That is a lot of money.

But just look at it! Isn’t it beautiful! 🙂

Hanse 388

Hanse 388. Source: HanseYachts (www.yachts.group)

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