Hello, Cannes Yachting Festival!

Well, actually we didn’t go to the Cannes Yachting Festival today, but we did arrive here this afternoon, had some time to stroll around, eat terrific food, try out our new (used) camera, and even go for an evening swim! 

Tomorrow, though, we will go to the show, and here’s a list of the boats that we are interested in (complete list of all the boats here):

  • Azuree 46 (Sirena Marine)
  • Dehler 38, Dehler 42 (HanseYachts)
  • Hanse 348, Hanse 388, Hanse 458, Hanse 508, Hanse 588, Hanse 675 (HanseYachts)
  • Oceanis 38.10, Oceanis 41.10 (Beneteau)
  • Solaris 44 (Solaris Yachts)

The Hanses are obviously extra interesting since it will be fun to see what the different materials and colours look like in “real life”. It will also be interesting to see what options the different yachts have included (or excluded).

Hanse masts as seen from outside the show. Tomorrow we will see the boats for real.

We will take pictures of things we find interesting but if YOU want us to check out something specific (as in take picture of, look at) then we’d be happy to do that as well. Just reply to this post and tell us what you want us to do :).

Here are a few pictures from today:

Charlotte standing on some rocks looking at yachts anchored outside Cannes. We were testing the camera and staged this picture because we thought it would look quite nice.
Some of the more huge yachts at the festival, at sunset.
Me. The water wasn’t cold, but it wasn’t too warm either. It was actually fun, though, to swim for a bit. Funnier still my embarrassing wardrobe malfunction (Charlotte was supposed to hold the blanket!) when changing out of my wet swimming pants, but well, can’t be the Naked Sailor without, well.. yes, accidents happen.

See you tomorrow!

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