We’re Going Sailing!

It’s getting dark and cold over here, and after having agonized for a couple of months about should we or shouldn’t we, we finally decided that life is too short for that, so we did!

And what did we do? We booked a short sailing vacation for the two of us, just after Christmas. So, quite wonderfully, we will spend New Year’s Eve aboard a sailboat, in one of our favorites places of all, the Exuma Islands, Bahamas!

Last time we went there (it was an embarrassingly short while ago), we chartered a catamaran, but this time we will get a (much cheaper) monohull. The idea is that in addition to relaxing and getting the inevitable sunburns, we’ll spend as much time as possible learning how to sail together, and this ought to be more straightforward in a monohull than in a catamaran.

Last time wasn’t very good for Charlotte, because of an irritatingly stubborn stomach flu, so this time will be better (knocks on wood).

Less of feeling under the weather and more of feeling well.

More of enjoying the sun and the amazingly beautiful sea, snorkeling the coral reefs and getting knocked blue and yellow while driving around in the dinghy. More of strolling around on beaches, more of just being together.

(And also some of dodging lizards, obviously, if not sharks and pigs this time!)

I googled that the Staniel Cay Yacht Club usually arranges legendary New Year’s parties, but if you happen to know any other, maybe less crowded events, please let us know!

Me. Awestruck by the beautiful scenery at Palm Cay Marina, Nassau, Bahamas. 


  1. Don’t want to break your dream, but Exumas can be pretty cold and windy early January. Especially if there is a cold front passing by. Still, much warmer than the weather in northern latitude though!

    1. No! Don’t break our dream! 🙂

      But yes, maybe we can lower our expectations a bit. Last time we went in June and it was great, but quite hot (avoiding the sun in daytime, suffering from the moisture and heat in nighttime). Winter temperatures seem to be closer to a good Finnish summer (water never gets that warm here, though), but obviously the climate is quite different so it will be fun to see what it’s really like.

      – Mikael

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