Day 2: Chilling with Iguanas

Charlotte felt better! It was the absolutely best morning gift after an excruciating yesterday of seasickness. The morning sun was shining and Charlotte was sunshining. The perfect day to just relax and take a look around at our amazing surroundings.

Allen’s Cay

Just a short dinghy ride north of Highborne Cay is a small group of islands with lots of iguanas. The main tourist attraction spot is on the west beach of Leaf Cay but if you want to get to know the cute little rock iguanas (an endangered species!) with some more privacy, southwest Allen’s Cay is the better choice.

Charlotte and iguanas.
“You stay here”, said the iguana to me, “I am going for a boat ride with the female.”

Highborn Cay

After spending a long time with the iguanas we dinghied to the Highborn Cay marina and checked out the shop and the harbour (there are sharks there as well!). You’re not allowed to walk around freely on the island, though, unless you pay $25 per person. We didn’t, but we did meet this cute parrot and tried to teach it (or him or her?) some curse words in Finnish. (Sorry for that!)

Doing Not Very Much

We’re both the kind of travellers who want to see and experience as much as possible wherever we go. This means that we usually end up pretty exhausted after our trips. Exhausted in a good way, though.

Still, that afternoon we managed to take some time to just relax. At least Charlotte did. She found a place for some sunbathing and after snorkeling some around the boat I thought this would be a terrific moment to try the drone for the first time …

Trying to find the settings to save my drone! (Lucky me I had my glasses on.)

… and after getting it out there flying over the water, hovering just out of my reach, imagine my surprise when it refused to come back to me!

Obviously, all the wonderfully intelligent obstacle avoidance things (designed by smart people who think it’s a bad thing to drive the drone into other things) made all the alarms go off and it simply stopped over the water and refused to fly back into my reach.

A few nervous moments later (I was even considering getting into the dinghy to get it down :)) I found the settings deep down some sub menu and managed to turn all the safety features off. And back it came!

The result of my second (and a lot less stressful) flight: here’s my sweetheart chilling on the foredeck 🙂


  1. Late answer, and probably you already have found out, but there is a switch for left index finger for different flight modes. P S and A. With it you can easily control the safety features!

    (Been there and done that!!!)

    1. Thanks! And no, I didn’t actually know they change the safety features as well. Now I do! Thanks again 👍🏻👍🏻

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