A Few Final Touches

A while back I listed all the stuff we will need in the boat to be able to sail her home. Now, we have placed most of the orders and are patiently waiting for the deliveries. (The things are shipped to two different countries with some picked up from a third!) Additionally, there are a few items we didn’t think of beforehand that have also been added to the todo list.

The Previous Stuff

We ended up buying most of the things from Hjertmans in Sweden. They had a big boat show over there and we got a substantial 20% discount on almost everything we ordered.

(Since quite a few marine stores sell online it’s probably a good idea to check when different countries have their major boat shows and order online accordingly πŸ˜ƒ)

You can check a list of all the Hjertmans items over here. Compared to the previous plan, here are some notable additions:

  • A 20 meter cable for shore power.
  • A boathook.
  • Two additional mooring lines (10 meters, 16 mm, breaking strength 3400 kg).
  • Bosun’s chair for hoisting people (that’s me) up in the mast.
  • 30 meter thin (4mm) line.

And yes, a frying pad with a lid.

Life Raft

The life raft adventure warranted a separate blog post, which can be found over here: The Life Raft Story.

Newfound Additions

Some things we had just missed (or not even thought about) before, but better late than never. Luckily some of our blog readers sent us great advice, so thanks to you all!

  • The base boat does not include the lines (and fittings) for the signal/guest flags so Yachtwerft will install these (at an extra cost) during the commissioning.
  • Deck lights aren’t included either, and will also be fitted during the commissioning.
  • We didn’t order covers for the wheels and cockpit table with the base boat, but actually we really need these because the wheels and table do suffer when being exposed to the elements. We ordered these from Tuchwerkstatt, who also happen to supply the same covers HanseYachts is selling. (At least that’s what I’ve been told.)

Finally: the name.

After selecting the perfect name and the perfect font (Eurostile! and there’s much more to tell about this!), someone in Greifswald will have to put the name on the boat. They recommended attaching it so that it’s visible both when the bathing platform is up and when it’s down. See the pictures below. I think it’s quite cool.

Bathing platform up! Standard
configuration for sailing in warm waters and enjoying life!
Bathing platform down. Standard configuration for finding out that water in Finland is … ehm … too cold for me to swim in. (Most people do! But I’m a bit of a chilly kitten πŸ™ˆ)

The End is Near

After seven months and forty blog posts, the endβ€” or rather the beginning is getting near.

The todo list is getting done as well. And although it is long, fortunately, it’s not endless.

We’re getting there!

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