A Lot to Pack!

I’m getting a bit nervous. My flight for Germany is in three days and the todo list keeps getting longer, not shorter! Also, the pile of stuff I have to bring with me, that is growing as well.

The observant reader might be able to identify both absolutely necessary items (warm clothes) and compulsory stuff for the modern social media invested traveller (drone, GoPro, backpack with Nikon and its lenses).

Since all of this won’t fit into one bag, I’m travelling with two big bags, one cabin bag and maybe also small backpack. It’s not a problem once I get to the airport, but getting to the airport is three hours of public transportation (buses, trains) and that will be interesting.

(I found this cool bag from Eastpak, btw! It’s soft so it’s quite suitable for boat life. And it’s huge!)

More News from the Dealer

I was happy to receive another mail yesterday from the person overseeing the commissioning and doing the actual handover with me. Once again he confirmed that everything should be ready as planned. The decklight isn’t yet installed by said he will do that himself Wednesday morning.

Exciting stuff!

Weather Update

Screenshot of PredictWind’s weather routing feature. This is what it looks like if we leave May 11th at 2pm.

Air temperature should be between 9-10 ℃. That’s about ten degrees colder than I would prefer 😄.

The wind is good, though. Both PredictWind models (PWG, PWE) show reaching and downwind conditions with wind between 6-16 knots, averaging to about 10 knots. This means our first leg would take roughly 13-15 hours. (And also that we should leave a bit later so that we don’t arrive in the middle of the night!)

To Do, To Do

Now I’m off to shorten the todo list. Next item: find some nice rubber boots, preferably in some lovely colour other than black or marine blue.

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