It looked like the perfect day to try it for the very first time: to go out on a short boat trip with the whole family (including our newly arrived rescue dog from Romania), and see whether it would turn out ok or a disaster. I was pretty exhausted after our delivery from Germany, but after having talked and thought about it for almost a year, I think Charlotte and I both just finally wanted to do it.

Off to a Bad Start

“No, I’m not wearing the life jacket!”, M shouted. “It doesn’t feel comfortable! It’s pressuring my neck! I’m not going!”

We had all been quite stressed to get the final things (food, clothes, life jackets for children, life jacket for dog, etc) sorted out and now that we were almost there and ready to cast off, the stress started to show.

“What, we’re not going?!”, O screamed to M. “I’ve been waiting for this all winter!”, he continued and ran into the boys’ cabin, slamming the door shut behind him.

“Hey, don’t slam the door! It will break”, I shouted angrily down the hatch.

We just sat there for a moment, Charlotte and I, sighing and looking stressed.

It took a while for everyone to calm down.

“Maybe you can try this other life jacket? See if it fits better?”, Charlotte said to M, trying to find some way to comfort and encourage her.

M looked like she was pondering her options for a while, and then she nodded silently.

All this sailboat and sea stuff was quite scary, of course. New and big things sometimes are, to all of us, but of course she really did want to go.

And then we were all ready.

I started the engine, cast off the lines, and drove slowly out of our pontoon berth.

There is something special about taking to the sea and leaving land behind. Lo and behold, no more stress, just a bunch of curious adventurers embarking on their new adventure.

First time out with our boat! From the left: J and O behind the wheels, Charlotte, Aiko, the ship’s dog, and M. Little L is hiding somewhere to the right, but she seemed to enjoy it as well.

Ship’s Dog Suffering

Aiko, our Romanian rescue dog, was feeling less adventurous than the rest of us. In fact, he even vomited a couple of times. Maybe this was due to the heat and him refusing to drink water, or maybe he was experiencing some motion sickness, but the first part of the trip, unfortunately, wasn’t very enjoyable for him.

Things got better, though, and a couple of hours later he was already carefully and delicately strolling around on the deck, sniffing out ropes and Selden blocks.

It Went Well

We anchored outside a nearby island. Ice-cream for the children, some (non-alcoholic, and actually quite tasty!) sparkling for me and Charlotte.

A couple of hours later, we started to head back, carefully timing ourselves to meet and greet two familiar passenger ships on the way. The children especially knew the ships (Baltic Princess and Viking Grace) very well and it was a cool event to see them going close by us, out on the water.

We had just moored when M came up to me and touched my arm.

“When will we go again? Please, can we go soon again?”, she asked, with a shy but excited smile on her face.

“What about tomorrow?”, I replied, and felt both happy and relieved at the same time.

J, O and ice cream on the bathing platform.
Cheers, my dear!