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Half a year ago, I was trying to figure out (among other things) what gas bottle would fit on a Hanse 388. It was a bit challenging since I couldn’t find any measurements for where it’s supposed to be stored. Now I know better, so starting with the gas bottle, and slowly progressing through the rest of the boat, I will try to write down stuff that hopefully might be useful to other potential Hanse 388 buyers.

Port Locker and Gas Bottle

Beware: my measurements are quite rough and can be off about +/- 1 cm if not more. Please send corrections if you see huge errors!

The gas bottle’s home is quite small. None of the ordinary Finnish bottles can fit there with the extra height (depth) needed for the adapter to the German 30 mbar system.

Luckily there is the Swedish 2 kg bottle. Even more luckily, they sell that very same bottle in Finland as well! (We bought a new one at Palokauppa.com in Turku.)

EDIT: Fendant, over at myHanse.com, notes that the 2.75 kg Campingaz also fits well and is available all over Europe.

The bench locker gets more narrow towards the bottom, and the further forward you go as well. I tried to fit the reserve gas bottle under the lines, but unfortunately it doesn’t fit there.

Starboard Locker

The starboard locker is pretty same as the … no! Actually, it isn’t!

Notice my foot there. This lid doesn’t stay open without help, because of the backstay trim thingies.

The extra gas bottle won’t fit in here either. The small space to the right is occupied by shore power. It’s a weird (to me) connector, so adapters etc are needed.

EDIT: Added a comment from Fendant @ myHanse.com.

The plug is a standard CEN 15 amps , used all over Europe in commercial installations. It is protected against pull out. If you leave Finland you are well advised to have two adapter cables:
a) a pole changer if you see a red light at the 220 V control panel, use it and you have green
b) a blue CEN plug with a 2.5 mm2 naked 3 wire orange PUR cable in order to connect local plugs to you shore power supply, Finland has the “German” system, but France, UK, Italy are using indigenous plugs besides the blue CEN connector.
Be aware that your kids will be most unhappy if you can not charge their play stations 🙂

Fendant, myHanse.com

The Helmsman’s Seats

While looking at the bench lockers, I realised I wanted to write a few words about what’s not in the pictures: the folding up/folding down helmsman’s seats. We don’t have them and I think it was a good decision to leave them out.

Before we placed our own order, we saw one other Hanse 388, in Sweden. It didn’t have any helmsman’s seats, by accident— the owner thought he had ordered them—, but after using it for a while, he was very satisfied that there weren’t any.

“There is just so much more space!” he said.

We agree!

I’ve never sat straight behind the wheel on any boat. More often on the side bench, which is easier anyway, if the boat is heeled. Also, it’s somewhat easier to access the deck boxes without the seats.

In all fairness, if we had the seats, I’m sure I’d get used to them and like them as well, but my thinking is that I like the extra space more.

Between the pushpit and the wheel there is about 84 cm of living space. No helmsman’s seats. (And what would be genderless word for that, since it’s a shame to imply that only men can helm a boat 😌)

Errors, Omissions and Additions

That’s it for the first detail post. Please send a comment if you have something to add or correct!

The gas bottles, for example, are very interesting. If you’re living outside Sweden/Finland, please let me know what bottle your are using in your Hanse 388 (and where do you keep your spare! 😀).

Ta ta!


  1. I have a Hanse 400, I have my gas locker on the SB side, looks the same size. Take out the ropes and I think you will fit the extra bottle, thats what I have done, I also have my gasbottles for the gasgrill in the same locker.

    1. Hello, Rikard!

      Thanks for your suggestion. I did try to fit the bottle without the ropes, but it doesn’t. I think the locker narrows down toward the bottom so quickly that it just doesn’t… You have the same 2kg bottles?


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