Fortress Island

After a nice evening of water activities (in quite warm water!) we set off in the morning, once again. This time, though, I was the only one who knew our destination. (I love to surprise people! Whenever I can, I try!)

So, before, on our way out from Stockholm, we had passed a fortress called Fredriksborg, and O and M really wanted to stop there. (Well, it did look really cool!) Unfortunately, that wasn’t possible then, but using our harbor guide I had located another fortress, and that’s where we were heading.

s/y Charlotte strolling slowly ahead while I and M are flying the drone.
Notice our figurehead flamingo 😊
Smooth sailing with J travelling in said flamingo figurehead.
Me concentrating hard to get the landing right! M and little L busy with other stuff.

KyrkogÄrdsön (Cemetery Island)

The fortress we were going to visit was called Siaröfortet. Funnily it was originally supposed to be build on another island (called Siarö) but then they changed their minds, but kept the name.

KyrkogÄrdsön, on the other hand, had some pretty interesting history even without the fortress. Since the 16th century or so it was likely a place where ships stopped to bury any deceased sailors. In the 17th and 18th centuries it was used as a burial place for plague and cholera victims.

Anyway, after half a day of motoring, we arrived! (And still, I was the only one who knew anything about the place.)

Safely moored. On the other side a fantastic sailship that arrived a bit after us. It was not only a sailing yacht, but a permanent home for her owner. About one hundred years older than our new Hanse. Both very cool boats!
(And yes, they did have a full sized grill on the deck. But we had a flamingo!)

Surprise, Surprise!

“This island has a fortress!” I exclaimed to Charlotte and the children.

“A what?” O said, looking a bit unimpressed.

“A fortress! A fortress! Underground, with cannons and all kinds of cool stuff,” I said, trying to sell my big surprise. “You know, when we went past that other one, you wanted to see it…”

“Yes, ok, sure,” O replied, not that much more impressed, but then his eyes lighted up. “Do they have ice-cream?”

The Fortress

Turns out there really was a nice restaurant there, and they really did have ice-cream.

So ice-cream for all, fortress museum tickets for all, and we were ready to go adventuring. (Also, they had this Swedish soda called Trocadero, that especially O fell very much in love with.)

Enter here, if you dare.

(“Stay a while… stay forever!” they would have added in one of my favorite computer games from my childhood. Anyone know which one that is?)
The place was much bigger than we had thought. Long (damp) corridors with lots of rooms and then some more corridors and rooms.
It actually was a really fascinating place. Also, a bit scary.
They’re coming to take me away, HA HA!
And where will they take me? 👀
To this room, I fear.
… or this.
Soap, last used in the 1960s?
The soap had now been colonized by a microscopic life-form from another planet. Little did the Swedes anticipate this when they installed huge cannons in their defence fortress.
Daylight! We got out!

All in all, the fortress was great (and yes, a bit scary). Strong recommendations. (But don’t touch the soap!)

A Really Warm Day

The rest of the day was wonderful. We just relaxed in the sun, and played around in the water when the heat got unbearable. (And ate more ice-cream and drank more Trocadero.)

Of all the children, J was again the bravest, venturing out for relatively long swims (tethered to the boat, though). The others were still getting comfortable, holding more or less tightly on to the bathing platform ladder while lowering themselves partly down into the water.

J made us all laugh by doing Fortnite moves (“It’s called Dab,” Charlotte said) and the flossing dance while swimming.

Charlotte, for her part, made us all cheer by diving into the water head first for a couple of times.

“Mom is the bravest of us all,” O said, proudly. And the rest of us agreed.

The second bravest of all, J out for a swim.

What Next?

It had been a great day. A damp and dark fortress, swimming with Fortnite moves, ice-cream and Trocadero.

Now, though, we really didn’t know where to go next.

“So, what do you think?” I asked Charlotte, when we were going to sleep.

“What about going for a night sail to Tallinn?” she said. “Not this night, I mean,” she giggled. “But if we start early tomorrow morning and then sail through the next night?”

Oh wow. That was certainly a scary a challenging an exciting idea!

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