Hanse 388 Interior: The Master Cabin

In the third post of the “Every Nook and Cranny” series we’ll jump straight into the master cabin of our Hanse 388. Or “our bedroom”, as we like to call it.

With or Without a Toilet

The master cabin can be ordered either with a toilet of its own (storage space only on port side), or without one, in which case the storage space is doubled. If one absolutely wants two heads in a Hanse 388, this is the way to achieve that.

Most people, I assume, go for only one toilet and get more storage space. At least we did. (Please correct me if I’m wrong in my assumption!)

Hanse 388 interior, master cabin layout.
With or without a toilet. Note that this is just a toilet, not a combined toilet/shower. Today’s price list says the cost of the extra loo is 3.650 € (+ VAT).

In the middle of the cabin, there is what Hanse calls a double V-berth. It’s a double bed, which narrows down from about 160 cm to about 70 cm in the bow. The bed is firmly attached to the hull on all sides, so it’s not an island bed, although its design does send off some small hints of it maybe wanting to be one.

A rather significant difference between the next bigger model, the 418, and the 388 is that the 418’s bed is much more island, much less V. This, in fact, means that it’s much easier to sleep head forward instead of aft in the 418. It is possible to sleep head forward in the 388 as well, but it might get a bit cramped.

(As a side note, Charlotte thinks the feng shui is much better in the head forward position. This opinion is filed in the “bigger boat” folder of the “future discussions” section.)

(For more of the differences between the 418 and the 388, see this post: Hanse Yachts in Southampton.)

Hanse 388, Handse 418 master cabin layout, island berth.
Bigger boat, bigger bed. Absolutely nothing wrong about that!

So, What Does it Look Like?

Here are some pictures I took from inside our own Hanse 388.

Hanse 388 interior, master cabin.
Opening the door to the master cabin. There are reading lights with USB charging on both sides, as well as an AC outlet under the bed on the port side (the gray little box). The smart lighting system is really cool here, with indirect lights all over the place! There are two big hatches to the outside world, both supplied with separate insect and light blocking screens. The indirect lights and the screens are included in the comfort package.
Hanse 388 interior, master cabin.
One step further inside. Now you can see both reading lights. There are a couple of small shelves in the bow, and slightly larger ones on both sides. The blue sky behind the windows, btw, is copied from another photo I took while out sailing. The real outside was dark and uninviting, so I wanted something nicer to look at. (Funnily, I’ve noticed the yacht manufacturers do this as well, with their marketing pictures 😊🤓)
Hanse 388 interior, master cabin with mirror.
From the opposite side, with me myself and I in the picture as well! (Now the top hatch shows the real dark outside. It would have required too much effort to photoshop it well enough 😎. )

Hanse doesn’t have any “opposite angle” pictures of the master cabin on their site (like the one above).

That’s why earlier on I spent a few weeks stressing about what kind of mirror we should get, where to buy it from, and how to install it. Had I only known that our boat would come with one factory installed..

So, to all you people worrying about what you look like when you’ve been sailing for the last few weeks, and finally arrived. And about to head out to have a celebration dinner to the most esteemed restaurant in town: Hanse has you covered!

(And I have you covered as well: wow, you look great! 👌👌)

Under the Hood

A few interesting items are hidden away under the bed and the floor. Pics below.

Hanse 388 interior, floor panel, Airmar sensor.
Starting from the smallest. Lift the floor panel in front of the bed, and you find an Airmar transducer for speed, depth and temperature. (The floor is Acacia, by the way, the default floor. We love it!)
Hanse 388 interior, master cabin under mattresses.
Under the mattresses. What have we here!
Hanse 388 interior, water pump and bow thruster's battery.
A water pump and the bowthruster’s battery.

Our Bedroom Is Cool

We like our bedroom. Charlotte sleeps quite well there, and so do I. At least between the moments I wake up to nervously check out the window, if we’re still where we’re supposed to be. (Sometimes I have strange dreams too, so where I think we’re supposed to be might be off by a lot, but it always comes back to me after a while or two. Charlotte finds this funny and laughs at me when she notices I’ve misplaced myself.)

Some people find the mattresses slightly hard (I now remember that Charlotte has mentioned this as well), but I, for my part, like them just fine.

It’s a cool bedroom.


  1. Great reviews (and written in impeccable English) I have a Dehler 34 & it’s really interesting to see the similarities

    1. Thank you!

      I had a Dehler 34 also, but one of the old ones since before HanseYachts 🙂 I don’t know, but I assume a lot of the thinking and processes would be the same nowadays? The Dehlers leaning more towards sailing performance, though. It would be nice to sail one some day.

      Kind regards,

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