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s/y Charlotte Hanse 388 sailboaat

Last weekend, it was still too cold and also a bit too windy to go out sailing with the family. I played around with some other things, though!

Rituals & Slow Television

Firstly, the coronavirus lockdown and social distancing measures are still in effect. Because of that, I’ve made it into a small ritual to walk down to the boat every morning and put out the flag. And the same in the evening, to take it down.

We’re still here! — that’s what I think I’m trying to say by doing this. Also, it is quite delightful to look at it, flapping around in the wind.

The sailing club (Airisto Segelsällskap) version of the Finnish flag.

Secondly, for all you people who can’t access your boats and who can’t get to the water to experience the magic we all know and love— for you, I’ve made some slow television YouTube clips from our own boat.

It’s not the same, obviously, but when I close my eyes, the sound of water, wind, and seagulls. It does move my thoughts a bit and away!

So, are the ones I’ve posted so far:

More Experimenting

Here’s one final video where I took my first stab at adding instrument data as an overlay.

It actually worked! (And if you’re interested in knowing the technical details, please send a comment!)

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