First Weekend Out

Finally, it got warm enough to go out for a short weekend trip with the whole crew: Charlotte, the children, and Aiko the dog. It didn’t start out all that well, though.

About Expectations

“I guess the first day is always a bit difficult,” Charlotte said, sighing and looking a bit tired.

We had been out with the boat since early afternoon and evening had arrived. The sun was still up— like it almost always is in the Finnish summer—, but it was late and the children were already sleeping in their cabins. We were anchored next to Ruissalo island, just outside of Turku, and had some time together to reflect on the day’s events.

“I know, and I guess so too,” I sighed back.

For me, getting out there on the water is instantly magical. The others, however, grow more slowly into it. If the children are complaining, fighting, and getting irritated at each other at home, that doesn’t immediately change when they step aboard our boat. If lovely Charlotte feels anxious and stressed before we leave the dock, she doesn’t immediately snap away from it— like I do.

“I think you are setting your expectations so high,” Charlotte said to me. “If you think that this is just any other normal day, then you won’t get disappointed when we are just who we are.”

It felt true, but sounded a bit sad.

It is easy for me to get my expectations up too high, though. There’s a lot of work that goes into making the whole sailing thing happen, and it takes a lot of time. So, when that first day arrives, when everything is supposed to come together perfectly, and we’re all supposed to sail off into the sunset (with beautiful Instagram pictures to show we did)— it is really easy for reality to be outshined by all the expectations and dreams leading up to it. And then for slight disappointment to set in.

It’s unfair of me, of course. But also, I think, quite human, and maybe even slightly inevitable. After all, dreams and expectations are an important part of life. It’s just that crossover from dream to reality that’s a bit tricky. And that one person’s magic isn’t immediately everyone else’s.

“You’re right, and I’m sorry,” I said. And things started to feel a bit better, for both of us.

Cheers to the first day of season two! The wine was great! Well, to be honest, two glasses of sparkling wine is more of a humorous tradition than anything else. I happen to like it, but Charlotte can’t stand the taste of it. She usually takes just one sip and then we make fun of her trying her best to show how disgusting she thinks it tastes.

Outside with Aiko

Last season, our dog Aiko eventually learned to do his “stuff” outside in the cockpit, on a synthetic carpet. It was now the evening of his first day of season 2, he had been outside all day, drinking and eating, but he showed no interest in the carpet whatsoever.

“So, I don’t really know what to do,” I said to Charlotte. “If we take him inside now, he will pee and poop on the floor for sure,” I continued, “So I think I’ll have to sleep outside with him until he figures it out.”

And so we did. I on the starboard side bench, Aiko on the port side. Luckily, it wasn’t very cold outside.

Aiko, under his furry blanket, sniffing in the evening air. You can see a corner of his toilet (the magic carpet) down to the left. Outside the frame I’m trying to will him to GO THERE, GO THERE NOW!

It was about 3 am. I woke up.

Aiko was moving around in the cockpit, sniffing his way towards the carpet. Then, very casually, he walked onto it, and I heard the sweet sounds I had (and he surely as well!) been waiting for all day.

A few minutes later we were all— Charlotte, Aiko and I— sleeping soundly, inside, in the master cabin.

The Second Day

If the first day had been a bit of an emotional struggle, the second day was quite the opposite!

We didn’t make any other plans than to relax, enjoy the sun, and monkey around in the dinghy– and that we did, all day. It was really quite fantastic!

M in the dinghy.
Funny, crazy M monkeying around in the dingy!
Little L and Aiko figuring out what next to do.
Little L and I returning from getting to know a cool swimming dog on the shore.
J and a more peaceful way of taking in the fun of the day.
O looking cool as ever.
Land ahoy! We were anchored next to a popular beach so the children wanted to go there as well. After being there for a short while, though, they wanted back to the boat. “It’s more fun on the boat!” Nice.
This is not me kissing the deck, it’s me deflating the dinghy! It’s good to have some physical activities to stay (at least a bit) fit. The dinghy is the source of much of that, lugging it around on the deck, inflating it, rowing it, deflating. I thought about getting an electrical outboard but decided against it because it would obviously mean less rowing.
School is out, so what do the children decide to play? School! We had a long school closure due to the coronavirus, so I think that has something to do with it.

Hello, Old Friends

On our way back home we made a final stop right next to fairway leading into Turku. We had timed our return trip to arrive there to see two of our old friends of last season: Baltic Princess and Viking Grace.

It was nice. J didn’t care so much for it, but the others enjoyed it a lot!

O admiring Viking Grace.
We followed Viking Grace to our home harbor. Last season the children weren’t allowed on the foredeck while we were moving. This year, we’re apparently a bit braver.

The Magic

We got home alright and everyone— Charlotte, children, and Aiko included— seemed very happy with the trip.

“When can we go again? Please, when can we go again?” O asked, with a joyful and excited voice, as he was stepping off of the boat.

There was some regained confidence, within me, that I wasn’t the only one feeling the good vibes. I do think that I’m a bit too quick to focus on the dark clouds around me. When the sun starts to shine, though, I’m equally quick (thank goodness!) to forget all the struggles of yesterday.



  1. Your comments about expectations really resonated with me (as well as being beautifully written is English really yr 2nd language?!). I too find just being on the boat instantly relaxing & uplifting but I’ve learned my partner doesn’t share thism especially if the sailing as a bit boisterous. Well done for getting out!

    1. Thank you, Adrian!

      English is indeed my second (or maybe even third after Finnish) language, so I take your compliments with delight. Cheers!

      Regarding the enjoyment of being out there– I do sincerely hope that all the others eventually will see the same light as I do. They all like it more than they dislike it (depending on the conditions, certainly), and I hope that the trend is going in the right direction 🙂

      I think seasickness is by far the most challenging issue. Last year two of the children experienced this a couple of times, and that was obviously no fun. This year, we’ve been experimenting with Sea Bands and so far, a few trips later (knocks on wood), they have all been ok!

      Kind regards to you and your partner!

  2. Hello, Really enjoy reading your blogs, great English writing. I see that you have that annoying transfers page on the chart plotter that comes up to update your device everytime also. I have tried to get it to update a little but no success. Need to look into that a bit more.

    Anyways… loks like you had a fantastic weekend, glad you enjoyed it.

    SY Aurora

    1. Thanks!

      And yes, the transfers page 🙂 I think this time it was informing me of a new update. I have the B&G constantly connected to the local onboard 4G router, so when we got back I just updated it and it went away.

      I’ve been following your instagram and things are looking good for you as well! Glad midsommar!

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