New Upholstery

Hanse 531 brown upholstery s/y Charlotte

Our fifth sailing season has started! Here is a short run-through of one of our refit projects: upgrading the upholstery.

Before It Was Brown

Owning a boat is often a kind of a love affair. What neither Charlotte nor I were very infatuated with in our new-to-us Hanse 531, however, was the brownish sofa upholstery.

Out with the brown.

So, already before buying the boat, we agreed to have new covers made.

The New Fabric

It took quite a while to decide on the new upholstery (too many choices).

One of the few things we might have done differently when we ordered our first boat, the Hanse 388, was indeed the choice of upholstery. The light textile we had was beautiful, but not a good match for children drinking hot chocolate.

So, finally, we ended up picking a vinyl “fake leather” white from Spradling called Marling MRL-3202 Pure White. It was the whitest of all the whites. And we were hopeful, it would stay that way.


Here is a video of Charlotte unpacking the smaller sofa.

And here’s the bigger one.

In with the white.

Suits us!

The price, including the large sofa, the small sofa, the navigation table seat and backrest, and also three cockpit cushions (with a separate fabric) was just under 5,000 eur (VAT 24%).

Thank you, DB Marina/Anne for your excellent work!


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