New Ropes

Dyneema ropes for sailboat s/y Charlotte Hanse 531

When we got our new-to-use Hanse 531, some parts of the running rigging were in terrific shape, as they had been recently renewed, but some other parts quickly joined our to-do list.


  • Main halyard: recently renewed dyneema running into a Spinlock Xx clutch.
  • Jib halyard: slightly undersized, but also using a good Spinlock Xx clutch.
  • Genoa halyard: looked fine, not in use.
  • Gennaker halyard: looked to be in good shape, clutch holding.
  • Main sheet: recently renewed polyester, maybe a bit undersized, Spinlock XTS clutch slipping (!).
  • Jib sheet: old, stiff, too short, Spinlock XTS clutch slipping (!). The friction of the thing was so bad that the jib needed to be rolled out with a winch. Also, the jib clew block (a Harken 75) was partly broken.
  • The boom vang tensioning system was very undersized. Basically just one line without purchase running from the vang to a slipping Spinlock XTS clutch.
  • The furlerboom endless control line (used to roll the mainsail in/out) was almost broken at the endless connection point.
  • The jib furler line was old and stiff.
  • The attachment between the main sheet and the Furlerboom looked slightly suspicious, although, in reality, it was probably quite safe. (But not very beautiful.)


A trunkload of dyneema.
  • New jib sheet (38 m), Maffioli Powersprint 10 mm (~ 10 €/m). Dyneema SK78 core, breaking strength 5250 daN, weight 68.5 g/m.
Old jib sheet (left) attached to new one, ready to be pulled through the mast.
  • New endless line for the Furlerboom (24 m), Maffioli Easytech 12 mm (~9 €/m). Core: Dyneema SK75/propylene, breaking strength 4570 daN, weight 97 g/m.

To replace the Furlerboom control line, I had to relearn rope splicing. In the end, it was fun and only slightly nerve-racking! (And the lessons learned there would probably fill another blog post.)

A piece of the old control line next to the new one (white/blue).
  • New purchase system and control line for the boom vang. The purchase system includes two blocks, Maffioli DSK78 Ultra 8mm (4 m, ~13 €/m) and Maffioli DSK78 Ultra 7mm (3 m, ~11 €/m). The control line is Maffioli T90 12 mm (15 m, ~6 €/m).
The finished system. Lots of splicing here as well.
  • New dyneema webbing for main sheet attachment (2 x 35 mm x 45 cm, ~190 €/piece). This installation was outsourced (~300 €).

Other Stuff

Along with the actual ropes/lines, we upgraded some other stuff as well:

  • New Harken 2.3T High-Load Snatch Block (540 €) for looping the jib sheet to the jib clew and back. This one actually failed later with a loud boom, but that’s another story, and the block itself wasn’t at fault! Replaced with a Harken 75mm magic air (555 €).
  • Two new Harken 60mm element blocks at the mast foot for the Furlerboom control line (68 €/piece).
  • New clutch cams for the Spinlock clutches that were slipping. The cams were quite inexpensive (~70 €/piece), but the installation work was tedious (~900 €) since the installation persons had to remove the clutches completely, including some tricky interior panels to do that.

Summing It Up

This upgrade set us back about 1,200 eur for the work and 2,800 eur for the parts. For more detailed info, please see our Hanse 531 Refit sheet.

I think it’s safe to say, that the upgrades made sailing the boat easier and more safe. The very undersized boom vang control and the slipping clutches, in particular, were quite the distractions before.

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  1. I have not had my boat long and was planning on replacing the running rigging. These are exactly the same lines pictured in your photos, so will be original. It’s astounding that they have lasted 17 years.

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