About Us

The Naked Sailor is a blog about our family’s sailing adventure, and also about the boat we’re sailing!

Our family is Charlotte & me (my name is Mikael), four children– Lily, Mimmi, Oliver, and Julius, and our rescue dog Aiko.

(“Naked”, by the way, does not mean naked in a literal sense! When I chose the name, I was thinking about being honest and revealing true and real experiences about our sailing stuff. So, the naked truth, not the nude sailor 😄)

Oliver, Julius, Mimmi and Lily in the cabin (Lily in front)

Charlotte. Mother of Lily, Chasmira & Oliver. The most beautiful girl in the world, if you are asking me. Instagram: @charlottedelevu.

Mikael. Just me. Father of Julius. Also proud father of lovely Samir, who is very much a part of the dream though he is living with his mother in another town quite close by.

You can reach me (Mikael) by phone +358-45-120 0011 or email mikael@nakedsailor.blog. Our blog’s instagram is @the_nakedsailor.

It’s nice to meet new people, so if you see us anywhere, don’t be afraid to say hello 🙂