Electric Sailboats

Windelo 50 hybrid-electric catamaran

For prospective buyers, here is a list of new sailboats that at the time of writing have an electric motor in their specifications, either in the standard configuration or as an option. (Updated 19.1.2022)

Please comment or send me an email (mikael@nakedsailor.blog) if you find errors or omissions.


Alva Yachts

Arcona Yachts

Arcona 415 “Zero Emissions” — the standard configuration has a 15 kW electric motor. Picture from archonayachts.se.

Domani Yachts

Elan Yachts

Hanse Yachts

Jeremy Rodgers Limited

Salona Yachts

Salona 46, also known as the “almost perfect electric sailboat” in this Sailing Uma video. Picture from salonayachts.com.

Spirit Yachts

Viator Marine

Viator Explorer 42 DS.



Antares Catamarans

DNA Performance Sailing

HH Catamarans


Independent Catamaran

IC36. Picture from independentcatamaran.com. They have a great configurator, where you can click the options you want and see the effect on weight and allowed payload.

ITA Catamarans

  • ITA 14.99, 2 x Oceanvolt 15 kW with 1 x 15 kW generator.

Lady Hawke Catamarans

Maverick Yachts

Open Waters Yachts


The first (and legendary) Outremer 4.zero built for Jimmy Cornell. Picture from catamaran-outremer.com.

SeaQuest Catamarans

A stunning SeaQuest 46!

Slyder Catamarans

Sunreef Yachts

Vaan Yachts

  • VAAN R4, 2 x Torqeedo FP10 10 kW saildrive (standard), 2 x Oceanvolt 15 kW (option)
  • VAAN R5, 2 x Torqeedo Deep Blue saildrive 25 kW or 2 x Oceanvolt 15 kW


Windelo 50 hybrid-electric catamaran
A Windelo 50 Adventure. They have a configurator as well. Picture from windelo-catamaran.com.