No Turning Back Now

Naked Sailor

A few hours ago I scanned and returned to the dealer the signed contract for buying a new Hanse 388!

(Taking a deep breath here to appreciate the moment.)

The yacht (see, after knowing the final price tag I’m calling it a yacht now, not a boat!) will be built at the Hanse yard in Greifswald and launched next spring, if everything goes as planned. Which maybe it won’t, but I’m not that worried. Usually things tend to turn out well, one way or the other.

That’s me with a quivering pen about to sign the order. Actually it wasn’t that exciting (or scary), but we did have a lot of back and forth (in good spirits) with Lennart at Bohus Yachts to get the final wrinkles ironed out.

So what’s next?

I think we all need a good night’s sleep, and tomorrow we will think of some other things in life for a change.

School (and pre-school) is starting next Wednesday. Summer is still treating us nicely and we should do something fun with the children.


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