Dates Confirmed, Sort Of

Our dealer sent us dates confirmed by the commissioning yard! On the 29th of April s/y Charlotte will be launched into water and on the 9th of May she will be handed over to us (me) in Greifswald.

Always book flexible flight tickets”, though, our dealer communicated to us several times. “We can’t be held responsible for things that are outside of our control.”

Apparently, our confirmed dates aren’t really that confirmed, but if the weather is good and the boatyard does what they’re supposed to do (in general, an industry with a few scratches in its reputation) we should end up somewhere close enough. Or so we hope!

A flexible ticket booked two days before our handover. From Berlin, I’m planning to take a train to Greifswald.

The Logistics of It All

Picking up our boat is very easy …
… NOT!

I drew a picture of who and what is moving where. This all ends up with our cute boat at home, in Turku.

Just a few small steps left 🙂


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