s/y Charlotte

s/y Charlotte Hanse 531 sailboat in Visby

Our current boat – a Hanse 531

s/y Charlotte Hanse 531 sailboat in Visby
In Visby, summer of 2022.

Our previous boat – a Hanse 388

Our lovely boat is a brand new Hanse 388 (2019 model) built by the German yacht manufacturer HanseYachts.

We ordered the boat last summer (2018) and it was built by Hanse Yachts a few months later. The handover from our dealer, BohusYachts, and the maiden trip from Greifswald to Turku took place in May 2019.

Hanse 388
The humble beginning of our shrink wrapped Hanse 388 hull #080. Winter storage in Greifswald, 2018.
In Finland, summer of 2019.

Rewind to the Start

Want to see where our adventure started? See the posts A Sailor Without a Boat is … and Dreaming of Sailing with a New Hanse. All the posts related to the purchase process can be found in the category Buying a New Hanse.

Options and Specifications

Check the blog posts Options, Options, Options, What We Left Out and Configure Your Own Hanse Yacht for some details about how we configured our boat.

Blog Posts About the Boat

Cost & Events

Screenshot from the Boat events page, see link below.

Check all our costs and the boat history over here: Boat events. (What’s that all about? Read more here.)

Want to Know More?

If you’re interested in knowing more, don’t hesitate to contact us and I’ll be happy to offer my (sometimes very uneducated) opinions! 🙂