Handed Over

A while ago Torbj√∂rn (the dealer’s representative) left and now I’m sitting here alone in our boat. I’m drinking some champagne and eating strawberries while writing this. A moment ago I poured a bit of the champagne outside on the bow and said (quite quietly so that only the two of us could hear): “Your name is now Charlotte.”

A Few Final Touches

A while back I listed all the stuff we will need in the boat to be able to sail her home. Now, we have placed most of the orders and are patiently waiting for the deliveries. (The things are shipped to two different countries with some picked up from a third!) Additionally, there are a few items we didn’t think of beforehand that have also been added to the todo list.

The Life Raft Story

This week we finally ordered a life raft for our Hanse 388! The decision process took over a month (!) in calendar time (and who knows how many hours in googling time), but now it’s finally done. The obvious choices turned out to be less than obvious, though, so hopefully our little story will be of some use to other 388 owners.

Some Day In May

Maiden Voyage is the name of a jazz tune by (the legendary) Herbie Hancock. I used to play it a lot in my previous life as an aspiring jazz pianist, but little did I know that one day I would actually embark on a maiden voyage for real, on our own boat. It’s wild. We have speakers in the cockpit, by the way (!), so if the rest of the crew approves, Herbie might come along for a while as well.

Only a Few Hundred Things Left Until Our Hanse 388 Is Ready

Hanse 388 Gear

The weather in Greifswald is looking good! I just checked the forecast and temperatures don’t seem to drop below freezing anymore.

This means that a bunch of yachts, their owners (along with extended families and friends), yacht dealers and yard workers are all digging in and preparing for that mad dash in spring, when within a few weeks all the boats have to be woken up from their winter rest, commissioned, and finally handed over to their future adventures and adventurers.