Hanse 388 Interior: The Aft Cabins

In this post, I will take a look at the two aft cabins in our Hanse 388.

Two Cabins Or One?

The base Hanse 388 comes with only one aft cabin, on the port side. Where the starboard cabin would be, in the standard version there is a large storage place.

Considering all the “stuff” we have aboard, the big code zero sail included, it would be brilliant to have this extra storage room. With four children, though, that isn’t an option for us.

For resale value, I think getting the second aft cabin (option C2) is a good choice. Even if you don’t need it for people, it’s still possible to use it as an additional place to store stuff.

Hanse 388 interior layout, aft section.
Note that if you select two aft cabins (option C2, price 1,990 €), you have to get the smaller pantry/kitchen as well (option B2, price 670 €).

M’s and Little L’s Room

Before we got the boat, the children decided between themselves, who would get the port and who would get the starboard cabin. J and O picked the one “closest to the kitchen”, the starboard one. M and Little L got the port cabin.

Here’s a glimpse of it from our summer vacation, with M and Little L, as well as their standard “stuff”.

Little L's and M's cabin. Hanse 388 interior, aft cabin.

And below are some shots that I took earlier today.

(I do prefer the creative chaos of having the children and everything in the picture. Still, it’s nice to try to get some “boat show look” pictures as well.)

The double bed is 200 cm long and starts out as 150 cm wide, narrowing down to about 110 cm in the foot end. The standing height, in front of the bed, is about 185 cm (about 6’1).

Hanse 388 interior aft cabin, port.
Port aft cabin. On the right side you can see an AC outlet. In the middle, the heater outlet. The furniture is Canadian Chestnut, the floor Acacia.

Port Cabin – Under the Hood

Away with the mattresses and we find …

Hanse 388 interior, aft cabin port without mattress.
Some wooden boards! On the right and left sides you can see the reading lights (with USB chargers).
Hanse 388 interior, aft cabin port under bed. Warm water boiler.
Under the boards, a Sigmar warm water boiler. And some other pipes and cables. (Hmm, this could be a storage place for something!) Additionally, from the opening down to the left, you can quite easily access the Yanmar SD25 sail drive.
Hanse 388 interior, aft cabin port, engine panel open.
The port side access to the engine.

One last things. Above the foot end of the bed, there is a service hatch. Behind this hatch you can find (among other things) the port side Triton2 instrument. To upgrade its software, this is where to plug the USB stick into it.

J’s and O’s Room

The starboard cabin is a lot like the port one, at least the feel of it is. There are some major differences, though!

Hanse 388 interior, aft cabin starboard.
Same same, but notice how the cockpit locker steals some of the headroom above the bed. It’s perhaps a bit hard to see in the picture, but about 75 cm from the front of the bed the locker drops down and reduces the headroom to about 64 cm.

Before going under the hood: the starboard engine hatch is identical to the port one, but the engine main power switch is located in this cabin.

Starboard Cabin – Under the Hood

Hanse 388 interior, aft cabin starboard under mattress.
Similar wooden boards here!
Hanse 388 interior, aft cabin starboard, fuel tank.
… and under the boards, completely using all available space, a black diesel tank!
Hanse 388 interior, fuel tank valves.
These are the most important things “under the hood” – the fuel valves. The one in the middle (I assume) goes to the heater. The ones on the right and left, to and from the engine.

M’s Opinion

So, what do the children think about their cabins?

“Do you like it,” I asked of M, who was sitting right next to me while I was writing this.

“Yes, I do!” she answered happily.

“So what do you like about it the most?” I asked.

“The window!” she exclaimed. “The window inside to the cockpit. Any time, I can just look out through that and see what is happening. And if mom is outside.”

All’s well, I think.

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