Ahoy, Gotland!

J navigating aboard s/y Charlotte Hanse 388

After an evening on the beach and a whole day walking around and exploring (a small part of) the beautiful island (a big thank you to the nice caretaker for the surprise private showing of the lighthouse!), we felt ready to sail onward.

“So tomorrow morning we’ll sail to Visby, okay?” I announced to the children.

“Ok,” O said, but looking a bit like he wasn’t totally on board with the plan. “But why tomorrow, why not right now today?” he said, transforming his slightly oppositional thoughts into a question.

Why not, indeed? Instead of making it a fifty-five-mile day sail and arrive in the evening, we could well make it a night sail and arrive in the morning. Also, it felt like a nice and spontaneous choice, so why not!

“Good idea!” I exclaimed to O.

And about half an hour of preparations later (deflating and packing the dinghy being the most tedious one) we pulled the anchor and sailed away.

(A side note: I think what many— I included— love about their childhood is the perceived feeling of freedom to do whatever comes to mind without much preplanning and deliberation, or societal pressure for that matter. Now, with more years on my back, and more acquired thought structures to guard against unwanted spontaneity, it does feel good to get back to the more childlike state of mind reasonably often.)

J, during his watchkeeping turn, gloves on, ready to go.

Good Night

J outside in his sleeping bag. He intended to sleep there the whole night, but after a while, he went back inside. “Maybe it’s nicer to sleep in the cabin after all.”
After sunset with 5-6 kt of wind.

Good Morning!

A few moments before we reached Visby (at about 5 am in the morning), one of the Destination Gotland ferries did so too and glided in ahead of us. “Hello! Nice to see you again!” it appeared to be saying while leaving a huge wake in its path to shake us up from the slumbering night and into a first good morning on sunny Gotland.

A couple of hours (of sleep) later. O has woken up to check out the new scenery.
#ilovevisby ❤️

Trip Data

55 miles from Gotska Sandön to Visby. Max speed 6.64 kt, average speed 4.61 kt. Max wind 4.88 kt, average wind 2.98 kt.

Trip data here.

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