Merry Christmas, H388!


Our dealer, BohusCharter AB, forwarded the first document we’ve seen from the actual Hanse Yachts yard! It’s saying they will start production of our new Hanse 388 in the first half of November, and have it ready for delivery in the second half of December. Wow. Second only to my VIC-20 (which I got when I was eight), this might well be the best Christmas present ever!

Configure Your Own Hanse Yacht


It’s super easy to buy a new sailing boat! Open the HanseYachts Configurator, select your boat, the materials, the options, press Buy and within a few business days your dream yacht will be delivered to you; the fridge stocked with strawberries and your favourite brand of Champagne, and a very delightful customer service representative giving you the ten minute quickstart tour, handing over the keys, and happily waving farewell to you and your loved ones. “Bon voyage!”, she shouts merrily, with just the perfect amount of adventure in her tone.