Our Boat!

Hanse 388

It has been an interesting couple of weeks dealing with our financing provider, our insurer as well as the tax authorities of Finland, but as far as I understand, the final payment of the boat has now been made, and at last we may be brave enough to actually call it: our boat

I added an Our Boat page to the blog so check that out if you’d like some more information about what we’ve actually bought. (If you want to rewind to the beginning of this journey, start from the very first blog post A Sailor Without a Boat Is … and press play over there.)

But we have a boat! 

It’s over one thousand kilometers away from where we live, we’ve never actually seen it in real life, and until we’ve paid it in full ourselves, it’s really owned by the financing provider and not by us.

But let’s not get caught up in details. We have a boat 🙂

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