So What's the Weather Like?

Weather Greifswald to Rønne

In a bit over a week, we should be well on our way, sailing s/y Charlotte on her first leg from Greifswald to Rønne. This means that right now is a perfect time to start stressing about the weather.

Will we have too much wind? Too little wind? Freezing cold or ridiculously terribly freezing cold? It will be fun to see what answers the weathermen, weatherwomen and their supercomputers come up with.

Like a lot of other people, we’re using PredictWind for weather forecasts. The picture above shows suggested routes based on their four different weather models. At the moment all the routes are looking peachy. Max wind about 20 knots and none of it from directly ahead of us (or as sailors would say: we would be sailing downwind, not upwind).

For land temperatures I like meteoblue. The picture above shows the 14 day weather forecast for Rønne, Bornholm. Our plan is to leave May 11th and arrive May 12th, so while it doesn’t look exactly freezing, well, it’s not very warm either.

All is Well

“All is well”, our dealer replied to my email just a few hours ago, “and I’m looking forward to meeting you!”, he continued.

Apparently everything is going as planned. I think they dropped (meaning: gently lowered) our boat into water yesterday and I would have loved to be there to see it.

Back to the weather: it’s all pretty much guesswork as of now. The wind forecasts for over a week in the future aren’t really reliable and next week we’ll be much wiser.

I bought warm and supposedly waterproof gloves today, though. And Charlotte put my three layers of thermal underwear into the washing machine.

Preparing for ridiculously cold, hoping for sunshine! ☀️

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