There and Back Again

We had just a few miles left until we’d reach the final destination of our summer vacation sail, our home harbor in Turku. The children were all out on the deck, looking quite happy, but also a bit anxious. It had been a long journey (well by our standards at least), and while getting home was a good, and dearly anticipated thing, it would also mean the end of our great adventure.

From Klaipėda to Kuressaare

Geographically, when we left Poland and headed for Klaipėda, we had already gone from sailing farther away, to getting closer to home. Our hearts and minds joined in on this turnaround one step later, though. Only now, when we were sailing north from Lithuania towards Estonia, it started to feel like return trips do. Less of the ‘to boldly go where no family of six— with dog!— has gone before’. More of ‘how far is it? are we there soon?’

A Weekend in Hel

Arriving in Hel on a Saturday was a bit like jumping into a tourist beehive. It was sunny and warm, and the small weekend beach resort town was absolutely brimmed with people, all there to spend fun summertime together with their friends and family. For us, though, coming from the delicately anxious, and carefully social distancing north, the contrast was quite striking.

Charlotte Meets Cameo

“So, when will Christian come?” O asked for maybe the fifth time in twenty minutes.

“I think they are an hour or so away, so soon, very soon!” I replied, knowing that I’d probably have to answer the same question a few more times before they’d actually arrive.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves!