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Review of Navtours Exumas

If you want to sail to the Exuma islands in the Bahamas, there aren’t very many chartering companies offering bareboat charters to do so. In fact we could find only... Read More

Day 6: Sailing Back to Nassau

We thought we had anchored in the perfect location to get a peaceful night, but boy were we wrong! The boat bounced all over the place and we ended up... Read More

Day 5: Sailing Back North to Ship Channel Cay

Wind in the hair and smiles on our faces we set sails again, heading back north toward our final destination before returning to Nassau: Ship Channel Cay.... Read More

Day 4: The Sandbar

In the Bahamas the difference between high and low tide is about a meter of water. There are plenty of shallow places with sandy bottoms, and when the tide goes... Read More

Day 3: Sailing, Rowing and a Wonderful Encounter

Adjusting to the Bahamian time zone (Finland is +7 hours) was quite funny. When it got dark (after about six o’clock) we got tired and went to sleep. When the... Read More

Day 2: Chilling with Iguanas

Charlotte felt better! It was the absolutely best morning gift after an excruciating yesterday of seasickness. The morning sun was shining and Charlotte was sunshining. The perfect day to just... Read More

Day 1: From Nassau to the Exuma Islands

Provisioning done (lots of jugs of water, plenty of dry food, toast, cheese, coffee, weird sweets and obviously some sparkling wine for New Year’s). Water and fuel tanks filled, batteries... Read More

41 Days to the Exuma Islands

Our smaller adventure inside the bigger adventure is getting closer.... Read More

We’re Going Sailing!

It’s getting dark and cold over here, and after having agonized for a couple of months about should we or shouldn’t we, we finally decided that life is too short... Read More

If It All Goes Wrong

The sailing part of sailing isn’t what worries me. What worries me is that we’ve bought a new (and crazily expensive by our standards) yacht, created a lot of expectations,... Read More