Hanse Warranty Issues

A commonly held view in the sailing community, I believe, is that brand new boats are riddled with kinks and problems. Therefore, better to buy them second-hand, a couple of years down the road, when the original owner has fixed everything that wasn’t properly done in the first place. I wanted to believe that our Hanse story would turn out differently, that we’d get an “almost perfect” boat from the start. Here’s where we’re at, at the moment.

FAQ About Hanse 388 Options

I’ve received quite a few emails (from all over the world!) from people who are interested in buying a Hanse 388. Some are in the “we’re thinking about it” stage, others are already committed, but have questions about their final selection of options. It’s really cool to get these emails! In this post I’ll share some of the questions I’ve received, as well as my (candid!) answers to them.

Buying vs Chartering a Sailboat

For over a year now, I’ve kept a detailed cost log for our yacht project. There are two questions I’ve tried to find answers to. Firstly, what does sailing a new Hanse 388 really cost? Secondly, if I compare this to chartering costs, would it have been less costly to rent a boat than to buy one— especially given our short sailing season in Finland!

Conventional wisdom says that it’s always cheaper to charter than to own, but I have my doubts.