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So, Did Charlotte like Sailing?

Short recap: a few months ago Charlotte and I took a leap of faith and ordered a new Hanse 388 sailboat for us and the children. It really was a... Read More

No Pictures

It takes an amazingly short time for Hanse Yachts to construct our new sailboat— they’re supposed to start putting it together in mid-November and get it ready just a bit... Read More

We’re Going Sailing!

It’s getting dark and cold over here, and after having agonized for a couple of months about should we or shouldn’t we, we finally decided that life is too short... Read More

No Turning Back Now

A few hours ago I scanned and returned to the dealer the signed contract for buying a new Hanse 388!... Read More

Dreaming of Sailing with a New Hanse

We have been online window shopping for sailing boats, both used and new, for most of the summer, and more and more frequently we end up on the HanseYachts site... Read More

A Sailor Without a Boat Is …

This spring it happened again. I got bitten by the sailing bug and after that I have been using generous amounts of my spare time to figure out how to... Read More