Review of Navtours Exumas

If you want to sail to the Exuma islands in the Bahamas, there aren’t very many chartering companies offering bareboat charters to do so. In fact we could find only two: Moorings operating on the north side of New Providence, on Paradise Island, and Navtours (member of Dream Yacht Charter) located on the southeast side of the island, operating out of Palm Cay Marina. We chose the latter, and this is a post about our experiences.

Day 6: Sailing Back to Nassau

We thought we had anchored in the perfect location to get a peaceful night, but boy were we wrong! The boat bounced all over the place and we ended up having the most restless night of the whole trip. Ok, part of the restlessness was probably due to everything nearing its end, but still, it wasn’t a very good night! We got up slightly more tired than we were used to, and started preparing ourselves and the boat for the last leg of our trip: sailing back to Nassau.

Day 4: The Sandbar

In the Bahamas the difference between high and low tide is about a meter of water. There are plenty of shallow places with sandy bottoms, and when the tide goes out, a few of these are exposed as “popup beaches” in the middle of the sea. They seem like absolutely magical places, so we set out to look for one!